Sunday, January 22, 2012

True Romance

Those of you who know me well know that my husband is my true hero.  Apart from the Lord Jesus Christ , Farm Boy,is the one who has taught me what true love is.  He has taught me that romance is not about bringing flowers, and candlelight dinners (although I do enjoy that as well:-) )  Each day Farm Boy shows me true love and romance.  The kind that leaves me thinking and praying for him each minute we are apart.  How does such a quiet man do this?  In the little things --- 3:00 am his alarm goes off, time for him to start his day, but before he leaves our room he tucks the blankets up around me, caresses his love to me through the touch of his hand on my hair, a gentle kiss, lest he should disturb me to deeply, then he proceeds to the basement to build a fire in the furnace so when his family arises 4 hours later, we will be warm.  Wrapped in his love.  Knowing that he has also taken time to go check on his older princesses in their apartment, making sure their heater has not gone out during the cold Maine night. Farm Boy romances me daily with preparing an ease into my day, I am not by nature a morning person. Farm Boy never chides, he accepts, he encourages, he prepares a coffee pot (in our room) to begin brewing at 6:00 so I can gently wake to the sound and aroma of coffee ( a heavenly scent I am sure:-) )  This provides a quiet time for the Lord and I to spend together. By this time Farm Boy has driven his hour to work, again showing love for me and his children.  The children and I get on with the day, waiting for Farm Boy's strong quiet presence to return late in the afternoon.  Oh what joy when he does return-- we all run to greet him, someone takes his coat, another his lunch bag,off come the boots-- then hugs and kisses all around,  but always he starts with me.  His eyes sparkle with love and joy.  He listens patiently for the days events to unfold, offering his wisdom when necessary, but mostly listening.  What a rare and precious gift this is.  I am trying to be more like him. Throughout the afternoon he romances with gentle words, and strong arms that carry in the wood, repair a vehicle, the performing of barn chores, the list goes on.  He continues romancing as he gently tucks the little ones into bed, reading and praying with each one.  Finally the house is quiet.  A time for just the two of us.  A time for romance.

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  1. That's probably the most beautiful thing I've read in a long, long, long time besides the Scriptures. Thanks for writing. It's a motivator for me to be a type of Farm Boy for my wife.