Saturday, January 7, 2012

God's faithfulness

What makes a child/person unlovable, or unadoptable?  The color of their skin? Their physical or emotional disability?  The anger and rage that sometimes covers an unseen world of hurt?  I have been blessed thus far to adopt 4 precious children that have been labeled not worthy (or likely)of adoption because of the above mentioned factors. My family and I are in the process of trying to bring two orphans home from Russia, also labeled unadoptable.  I am thankful everyday for the family that God has blessed me with, and that He found me worth loving even when I was unlovable. That He adopted me.   His adoption is eternal, forever.  That is His covenant with me, never to be rescinded upon, even if I tried to turn my back on Him, He is bound by His word to never leave me nor forsake me.(Hebrews 13:5)  Why then do people "adopt" a child only to turn their backs on them a few years later? Saying it is too hard or too disruptive? I know the answer is because of sin, however it angers me and sickens me that this is even possible in our society,especially among Christians.  If you have a biological child that gives you a challenge you find help, you don't take them back to the hospital and look for a refund.  These are human lives and souls  that are at stake. I understand the challenges-- I live with them daily.  I also know that God is always faithful to help or send the help I need when I cry out to Him.  I have recently heard of another "failed adoption" .  I praise the Lord that their is a wonderful Christian family that is willing to give this girl a home.  Forever-- no turning back However,I am saddened for the girl who will have to face the rejection of people who claimed,before a judge no less, that they would provide her with a forever home. It is sad to think that adoption in America is going the way of marriages in America.  I praise The Lord that I have security in His love and His family.  He has blessed me beyond measure by allowing me the privilege of caring for and training up children for Him. My greatest joy is in knowing God personally, believing and trusting in Him and knowing that He will never let me down.

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