Friday, December 23, 2011

New to me

My daughter has been telling me for a long time that I need to have a blog. So today she got me started.  I am not  a writer by any stretch of the imagination. I am a wife and mom , I love the Lord and find great joy in serving Him.  I also have heartaches and sorrows like any one else. I have found encouragement through other blogs I have read and pray perhaps I can do the same for someone else along the way. 
Today is a beautiful day in Maine.  The snow is falling, Christmas preparations are almost complete, the family enjoyed making Christmas cookies last night.  My 11 year old daughter Gemini gave me an early present, as she and I were finishing up in the kitchen (just the two of us alone-- rare in this home) she said, " Mom, I am so glad you and Dad adopted me, this day has been so fun I wish it would never end."  All because we took the time to make cookies.  What a blessing to my mother's heart.  God is so good to have used Gem to speak to my soul, because truth be told I almost did not do the cookie bake. I contemplated just letting the children watch a movie and go to bed, I would make the cookies with out all the "extra help"...  it would be so much easier.   Oh to think of the joy I would have missed!  Watching the joy in the lives of my children, especially once Dad got involved in the process. My husband is so wonderful.  He keeps me grounded and encouraged.
                                                      Daddy decorating with the kids
                                                                      More sugar!
                                              Josh helping Mom cut cookies
                                                       Anna cutting out cookies
                                            Michael intently watching his cookies be cut
                                   It's truly a wonderful life the God has blessed me with.

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